Class AjQueueAPI

  • public abstract class AjQueueAPI
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • AjQueueAPI

        public AjQueueAPI()
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static AjQueueAPI getInstance()
        Gets the instance of the ajQueue API
        the ajQueue API
      • getTimeBetweenPlayers

        public abstract double getTimeBetweenPlayers()
        Gets the time that ajQueue will wait between sending players. In seconds
        The time, in seconds, ajQueue will wait between attempting to send players
      • setTimeBetweenPlayers

        public abstract void setTimeBetweenPlayers()
        Updates the time between players. Takes it from the config.
      • getServerTimeManager

        public abstract ServerTimeManager getServerTimeManager()
        Gets the server time manager instance, which tracks when players last changed servers
        The server time manager instance
      • getConfig

        public abstract us.ajg0702.utils.common.Config getConfig()
        Gets the ajQueue config
        the ajQueue config
      • getMessages

        public abstract us.ajg0702.utils.common.Messages getMessages()
        Gets the ajQueue messages manager
        the messages manager
      • getAliasManager

        public abstract AliasManager getAliasManager()
        Gets the alias manager. Used to get aliases of servers set in ajqueue's config. Note that the alias manager on the free version will just return the server's name
        The alias manager
      • getLogic

        public abstract Logic getLogic()
        Gets the priority logic. Note that the priority logic for the free version does nothing.
        The priority logic
      • isPremium

        public abstract boolean isPremium()
        Checks if the plugin is the premium version or not.
        True if ajQueuePlus, false if ajQueue
      • getPlatformMethods

        public abstract PlatformMethods getPlatformMethods()
        Gets the PlatformMethods for the platform (e.g. bungee, velocity) The methods in this class do things that the code for each is different on the platform.
        the PlatformMethods
      • getLogger

        public abstract QueueLogger getLogger()
        Gets the ajQueue logger. If you are using this, please add your own prefix to it.
        The ajQueue logger
      • getEventHandler

        public abstract EventHandler getEventHandler()
        Gets the event handler. This class will probably be replaced in the future with an actual event system
        the EventHandler
      • getQueueManager

        public abstract QueueManager getQueueManager()
        Gets the queue manager. Most things you do interacting with queues will be through this.
        the QueueManager
      • getLogicGetter

        public abstract LogicGetter getLogicGetter()
        Gets the logic getter.
        The logic getter
      • getProtocolNameManager

        public abstract ProtocolNameManager getProtocolNameManager()
        Gets the protocol name manager Used to get version names from protocol versions
        The ProtocolNameManager
      • shutdown

        public abstract void shutdown()
        Tells ajQueue to shut down.
      • listen

        public abstract <E> void listen​(java.lang.Class<E> event,
                                        EventReceiver<E> handler)
      • getServersUpdateExecutor

        public abstract java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService getServersUpdateExecutor()